ThisMargin Calculator will help you calculate the amount of margin required for carryforward trading and intraday  trading.  To calculate the margins required for positional commodity trading on the MCX, use the Carryforward NRML product with TICKER QUBE. To calculate the margins required for intraday commodity trading on the MCX, use the Intraday MIS product with TICKER QUBE.

Additional leverage while trading commodities intraday can be availed, Contact us..

  Scrip Lot size Price Carryforward (NRML) Margin Intraday (MIS) Margin
ALUMINI   1000 Rs.144   Rs.8,500/-   Rs.850/-
ALUMINIUM   5000 Rs.144   Rs.40,000/-   Rs.4,000/-
COPPER   1000 Rs.456   Rs.29,300/-   Rs.2,900/-
COPPERM   250 Rs.456   Rs.8,600/-   Rs.860/-
CRUDEOIL   100 Rs.4,040   Rs.33,400/-   Rs.3,340/-
CRUDEOILM   10 Rs.4,040   Rs.3,300/-   Rs.330/-
GOLD   100 Rs.30,803   Rs.153,700/-   Rs.15,370/-
GOLDM   10 Rs.30,800.00   Rs.15,700/-   Rs.1,570/-
GOLDGUINEA   1 Rs.23,863.00   Rs.955/-   Rs.100/-
GOLDPETAL   1 Rs.2,968.00   Rs.119/-   Rs.20/-
LEAD   5000 Rs.167   Rs.55,900/-   Rs.5,900/-
LEADMINI   1000 Rs.167   Rs.11,700/-   Rs.1,700/-
NATURALGAS   1250 Rs.172   Rs.29,600/-   Rs.2,960/-
NICKEL   250 Rs.877   Rs.24,400/-   Rs.2,440/-
NICKELM   100 Rs.877   Rs.9,800/-   Rs.980/-
SILVER   30 Rs.38,400   Rs.62,300/-   Rs.6,230/-
SILVERM   5 Rs.38,300   Rs.10,600/-   Rs.1600/-
SILVERMIC   1 Rs.38,500   Rs.2,100/-   Rs.210/-
ZINC   5000 Rs.231   Rs.85,800/-   Rs.8,580/-
ZINCMINI   1000 Rs.231   Rs.17,200/-   Rs.1,720/-
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